The Bishop’s Action Foundation (BAF) and Access Radio Taranaki (ART) have collaborated to form a space of thought-leadership and innovation for Taranaki. This partnership brings together an online reservoir where community groups can access local, national and international innovators talking about their field of expertise and their stories of experience, land and culture. 

Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM

 ART supports and grows the Taranaki community by offering a broadcast voice to groups and people who might not otherwise be heard. 


BAF is a charitable organisation working to create and sustain flourishing communities.

Kaupapa - The Way

Voices of Experience:  Te Hau Maiangi


 Literally meaning ‘the gentle breeze’, the korero (breeze) that is shared, without judgement, a willingness to share and listen.

(Image by Mr Jeff Poole and used with permission.)


Innovation: Te Hau Tupua

Innovation is a state of mind

 Literally meaning ‘the extraordinary wind’.  The concept is that new ideas are developed by thinking outside of the norm.   Creating new ways of doing things with future focus in mind. 

Community Sustainability:  Te Hau Tawhito


 Literally meaning ‘the ancient wind’.  The concept is that social/human interaction brings about a meaningful existence.  This also includes environmental awareness and protection.

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Te Hau Maiangi - Voices of Experience

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